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After 10 years in the CG/VFX industry I decided to get out of my comfort zone and tell my stories using platforms like Film & Art. The first music video I ever directed won me a few accolades & peaked my already growing interest in the field.
Since 2013 I have worked with various companies, producers & talent and have had the opportunity to direct about 70 short format films including music videos, fashion films, brand films & independent shorts.

I wake up with the need to create everyday, which is why one of my earliest childhood memories is sitting down to express myself with a pencil and paper.  Even though I've been drawing & sketching for as long as I can remember; it was only a few years ago through various commissions, that I realized I could pursue my passion professionally. I now paint & illustrate digitally for clients across the globe and sell my work through my Digital Store.

Most people look forward to retiring some day. I don't see that for myself. Why quit when you love doing something so much?