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  • How do I purchase art prints?
    To purchase digital art prints go to the store & add any prints available to your cart. Follow the instructions to make your payment & receive your digital print(s).
  • Can I refund digital prints that I've purchased?
    Due to the nature of digital media, there is no scope for refunds on any digital prints purchased. If the print file you have received has been corrupted during download, you may download it again or contact us. Another copy of the print will be sent to you once proof of purchase has been acquired.
  • Can I print the purchased art file multiple times?
    Yes. You may print any digital art you've purchased as many times as you need for your personal use only.
  • Can I sell prints that I've purchased?
    No you may not. When you purchase a print of any art, you own a copy of said art. You do not own the original art work itself. Selling any digital or physical versions of Sadek Merchant's art without his consent is prohibited.
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